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Speedy Hardwood Cutting Board Class

cuttingboard.jpgThis is a fast version of our regular hardwood cutting board class. All wood is pre-cut for you to speed up the process. This is good class for holiday present making since we will skip over the processing of wood.

Come and enjoy the scent of fresh cut wood by making a beautiful 11x15 hardwood cutting board from a variety of woods in Buffalo Lab Makerspace's wood shop. This is a beginner level class, no prior experience required. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season as a gift or to use and impress your guests.

In this class you will: 

  • Learn how to match wood properties to suit your intended project
  • Become familiar with using the planer, router, and sander
  • Learn strategies and techniques for gluing and clamping
  • Learn how to choose the appropriate finish for your project

Day 1: Saturday, December 17th 4pm-6pm
Intro- cover basic safety guidelines and sign waivers
Review project details
Select wood
Glue-up and clamp

Day 2: Sunday, December 18th  9am-12pm

Plane board to final size
Route juice strip and pocket handles (optional)
Sand and finish

$79 Class Fee- materials included
5 hours total instruction time
Capacity: 4 min/ 8 Max

Ages 18+ 
Cancellation Policy

Taught by The Foundry's Executive Director, Megan McNally.

December 17, 2016 at 4pm - 6pm
The Foundry
Tamera Knight · · 7168851381

Will you come?

$79.00 Hardwood Cutting Board Class Participant

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