About The Foundry

The Foundry is a project of Net+Positive, our 501(c)3 organization. The mission of The Foundry is to increase neighborhood prosperity by empowering individuals through education and entrepreneurship.

Business Incubation

We believe that creating the opportunities and conditions necessary for self sufficiency and economic stability promotes a healthier community. We accept budding entrepreneurs from throughout the city, but we’re especially excited to welcome low-income, minority, women-owned and neighborhood-based businesses into our mix! If you're looking for space or know of someone who is, please contact us. or read more about the Incubator.

We assist with business incubation through affordable rental space, mentoring, business classes and workshops, and connections to local support services. Our Second Saturday open house events are themed neighborhood events with activities for all ages, including volunteer opportunities, vendors, classes, free kid's art activities, and much more.

Education, Empowerment and Employment

In addition to entrepreneurship, working with youth to achieve meaningful, long-term employment and a well-rounded education is a priority for our organization. Economic stability and social health of people in our community is vital for the overall health of our neighborhood. We facilitate youth opportunities through STEM exploration for girls, job training partnerships (Baker-Victory Services, YouthBuild, Aspire), part time employment at the Foundry, career exploration, and youth entrepreneurship programs.


Net+Positive is the official name of our 501c3. Net+Positive takes a broader view than The Foundry and aims to increase neighborhood prosperity through innovations in housing, entrepreneurship, education, and the environment.

Net+Positive strives to foster ecologically, economically and socially viable neighborhood systems in the City of Buffalo by promoting community arts; providing mentoring and training opportunities for low-income, unemployed or underemployed individuals—particularly people of color and women; and encouraging environmentally sensitive community development.

We believe that all individuals should have access to our programs regardless of their criminal history, drug use, personal challenges, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, if they are committed to making a positive change in their own life.