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Makerspace Orientation

A member of the lab will show you the space. This will include intros to several larger devices --- 3D printers, laser engraver, etc. --- as they come online in our remodeled space. All new members will receive basic safety instruction and be shown the electronics benches and related equipment for circuit building and testing. We will also discuss storage options for your projects.

New members who are interested in specific technologies such as raspberry pi, Arduino, etc. are encouraged to bring their device to use as part of orientation, and we also have a weekly drop-in projects night every Wednesday. This weekly event is not a substitute for orientation, except when we advertise group orientations in advance.

In order to join the makerspace and use the woodshop, you must enroll in the woodshop safety course. This is separate from the Makerspace orientation. Once you sign up we will contact you to set up a time to do the orientation.

December 01, 2016 at 12pm - 12pm
The Foundry
Tamera Knight · · 716-885-1381

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$20.00 Orientation Fee
we will email to schedule a time

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