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Youth Instructor

Youth Instructor -- The Foundry

We are looking for a talented person with teaching experience and a passion for making and building to join our team at The Foundry. The instructor would teach basic woodworking skills and techniques to energetic students during the school day or after school at our facilities. Projects incorporate the use of hand and power tools, such as clamps, hammers, and measuring tapes to design and build objects that students are proud of and are relevant to their lives. Curriculum will introduce a variety of mediums and mesh with particular school needs (literacy, math, etc.)


Our instructors are an important element of the shop and are responsible for teaching machine skills, safety, etiquette and responsibility. We look to our instructors to be inspirational to our community as well.


We are especially looking for individuals who have a continued commitment to learning new hands-on skills that could be incorporated into the curriculum (CNC routing, laser engraving, plasma cutting, welding, etc).



Ideal applicants have the following experience and skill set:

  • Experience in woodworking and general construction (we can train for particular skills)

  • Passion for engaging all students in the creative process

  • Two or more years of experience working with middle school/high school age youth

  • Reliability

  • Good communication skills

  • Ability to work well with others and accommodate changing demands in a busy shop environment


  • Set up, Start and end class on time

  • Teach class content as directed (meet with Education Director for content)

  • Teach and demonstrate shop safety rules, policies and etiquette

  • Inspire and encourage students


  • Manage class paperwork (design plans, safety checklists, etc)

  • Evaluate student performance

  • Inform The Foundry staff if class materials are running low



  • $22/hour, payment biweekly

  • Perks include ability to learn additional hands-on skills

  • 3-6 hours per week depending on programming (with potential for increased commitment)

  • Starting mid February, training starts January 28th



Interviews will be scheduled January 17th-26th

Send a resume to education (at)

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