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Youth Education Programs


The Foundry works with multiple partners to provide hands-on career exploration opportunities to youth. We have worked with The WAY Program at Baker Victory Services,WNY YouthBuildOutsource CenterBoys and Girls Club of Buffalo and other youth programs to:

  • Develop soft skills such as communicating effectively, listening to directions, reliability, etc.
  • Develop specific skills: carpentry, metalworking, design software, etc.
  • Expose youth to many career possibilities
  • Introduce the idea of entrepreneurship through interactive job shadows where youth are paired with Foundry residents in various crafts to gain an in-depth understanding of each trade and the experience of being a small business owner.

How to Get Involved

Sign up for a Field Trip: Field trips take ~1 hour. It introduces students to various careers and the idea of entrepreneurship. Optional demonstrations include plasma cutting/welding, laser engraving, etc. Check out this video to see an example!

Schedule a Job Shadow: Students take a tour and visit business owners to talk about what skills are needed for particular jobs. Students also learn about individual business owners' pathways to self-employment. This helps students become more aware of career opportunities and gives concrete ways for students to understand what sort of skills training is involved. Optional participation in hands-on activity for students to gauge their interest in various career paths.

Schedule a Class: Classes can be between 1 hour and 6 hours. Options include woodworking, metalworking, fiber arts, technology, etc. We have a menu of options to choose from, or we can develop a specific class based on the students' needs.

Become a Partner: We are always looking for existing youth programs that are searching for ways to branch out and to expose their students to STEAM fields. We can do something weekly, monthly, daily; whatever your program is looking for!

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